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All I ever wanted to be was an artist. Of course, life's not that simple. So, before launching my career in 1999, I slung whiskey, taught wild and woolly adolescents and even did a stint in advertising. My BA in journalism is rarely put to good use, but I still like spinning a yarn and reading the New York Times.

I work in a variety of mediums. My collagraphs are collages I make with fabrics, organic material or any other cool textutes I can find lying around. I glue the material on cardboard, gesso the finished collage and then print it on a flatbed press. Each collagraph is hand-colored and editioned.

In addition to collagraphs, I work in oil pastels and mixed media. My oil pastels are drawn onto Arches Black Cover paper. I do an under drawing with prismacolor pencils, finishing it with Sennelier and Holbein oil pastels. My mixed media work includes old photos, books, drawings, paintings, etc. I love making them. Working very spontaneously, it's fun to see what emerges from a grain of an idea.

My work translates everyday life into whimsical and lively images. I love folk art, Outsider Art, Lowbrow and illustration. Im inspired by friends, family and folk tales. I consider my images small celebrations of life be it working in the garden, riding my bike or hanging out with good friends.

In January 2008 I moved with my husband and two sons to Nelson, NZ. In September 2008 I opened Mockingbird Studio. I miss my beloved Houston, TX, but am having a blast down under.